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What’s New in July
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Presidents’ Corner

Hello Members and Friends,

I hope you enjoyed some of the many Pride activates around Seattle and our region. It is nothing short of amazing to see the tide of equality spread across the US in the last year. There is still much to do, but we seem to be riding the wave. Saturday June 28th was the 45 anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, think of all the events that have happened since those riots. We live in interesting times.

ANNUAL BANQUET 80 members and guests attended our Annual Banquet on June 21st at the Women's University Club. This year our new Vice President Jeff G. arranged for delightful piano entertainment by Gregg Robinson throughout the cocktail hour and dinner. President Emeritus Mark J. recognized the retiring Board members and Officers then introduced the 2014-15 Officers and Board members.

VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR AWARD — DALE J. The highlight of the evening was the Volunteer of the Year Award which was presented to Dale for his well-planned and always pleasant hiking/walks programs. Through rain and shine Dale leads our members on the most interesting and beautiful hiking and walking experiences. The routes are carefully chosen and I can attest to the many members who feel personally rewarded for participating. Congratulations Dale!

LEGACY AWARD — LEN T. The volunteer contributions and leadership to Mature Friends can occur over many years and in many different forms: Service on the Board, assuming a leadership role as an officer, becoming an activity head and just plain cheerful dedicated participation. In part, because there were so many deserving Volunteer of the Year nominations, I have instituted the Legacy Award for outstanding service in every way, over many years, I awarded the first Mature Friends Legacy Award to a member whose credentials are unquestionable. He has been a Mature Friends board member and our President, he has been an activity head for over 15 years and has lent his talents to local, national and international gay sports activities. He has stood proud as a veteran of World War II and a stalwart advocate for them. It was an honor to present the Legacy Award to Len. Congratulations and the standing ovation was well deserved.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Mature friends is a special organization because of the efforts of our dedicated volunteers. On volunteer energy, Mature Friends does great things and it is that volunteer spirit that sustains us. We all owe a great debt of gratitude to Mark J., who is now relieved of his “past” president duties and all the efforts of our First Gentleman, Rick G. Also join me in recognizing the enormous efforts and commitments of our retiring Board members, Cliff H., Tom B., Charlie F., Ric D., Brian W., and Mark J.

We have been so fortunate to also have such committed Activity heads and volunteers. Please take a moment the next time you see these hard working members to give them a thank you. Bil B. who has retired from supplies and the potluck kitchen; Dan F. who retired from Dinner for Six and now from the Potluck kitchen; Don K. is stepping down from the Camera Club. Our dear friend Dick N. stepped down from the Book Club and is now living in California. Every year we see changes: Don McK. is now leading our exercise program, Don S. now coordinates Tuesday Dinners, Myles McN. coordinates Dinner for Six, Bruce B. leads the Book Club and Keith C. has taken on our new Facebook presence.

This coming year our Board and Officers are: President: John C., Vice President: Jeff G.,Secretary: Bill S., who is also continuing as our very able newsletter editor, Treasurer: Don McK. continues his very capable work in this important role, Board: Mike P. continues on the Board and is leading our mentoring program. Don S. and Keith “Woody” C. were elected to the Board in May. If you are interested in serving on the Board or leading an activity, please let me know.

PRESIDENT'S REPORT I think we have had a pretty good year, under the leadership of Mark J., we signed a new three year agreement for the Ballard Oddfellows Hall. I think we get great value but it is enough more per month that the Board has made some small adjustments in fees and dues, but we are assured of keeping our home base for three more years. Under the leadership of Mike P. we surveyed our members for your ideas and thoughts, the Board divided into workgroups and is making progress on your suggestions. Under the leadership of Jeff G. the potluck is being refined. We heard some interesting programs and more are coming. Myles McN. is still casting about for the final Dinner for Six round this year beginning in August. Remember we take the winter off and shifted the schedule to begin in February this year responding to your suggestions from the survey. I also want to thank all the members who so generously contributed to the GSBA scholarship fund.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS The Elwha River trip on July 12 and 13, the July Summer pot-luck on July 25 and our Annual Picnic which is set for Woodland Park Shelter 5 on Saturday, August 23.

Happy Summer!

— John Chaney, President,
e-mail President

Want to see new activities started?

Here is your chance!

One of the strong recommendations that came out of our recent survey was a desire to have more activity options for our membership. Thus we are formalizing a request for suggestions that will occur each month in our newsletter.

Each month the newsletter will ask members to suggest activities they might want to see as well as any interest among membership to sponsor or lead the activity. You can send the suggestions to either the general Mature Friends e-mail box, or direct to Mike P.

The board will then review the suggestions either once a quarter or semiannually and, based on interest and an identified lead for the activity, select any new idea with sufficient interest.

Each month plan on seeing this request and suggest away!

If you have any questions about this please contact any member or Mike P.

Goings On


Goings On

Eating Date and Time Playing Date and Time
Lunches Out Wed., July 9 and 23, at 12:00 p.m. A Better Club for Investing Contact Ray B.
Monthly Potluck Fri., July 25, at 6:30 p.m. Book Club Tues., July 8, at 7:00 p.m.
Dinner Out Tues., July 15, at 6:00 p.m. Board Meeting Mon., July 14, at 7:00 p.m.
Wine Tasting Mon., July 21, at 7:00 p.m.
Walk/Hike Tues., Aug. 19, at 9:30 a.m.
Annual Banquet Sat., June TBD, 2015, at 5:30 p.m. Garden Tour Thurs., July 21, at 11:45 a.m.
Annual Picnic Sat., Aug. 23, at 12:00 Noon Theater and Music See listings in the newspaper
Dinner for Six Dinners in rotation in members’ homes
Travel News Check Our Destinations
Bridge Club Every Wed. at 7:00 p.m.
    Pinochle Club Wed., July 2 and 16, at 7:30 p.m.
    Exercise Group Every Wed. at 10:00 a.m.

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Knife and Fork Club

Check out the lunches and dinner scheduled for this month. Then sign up and join the fun.

Lunches and Dinners Out

Activity Date and Time Place and Address
Lunch Wednesday, July 9, at 12:00 Noon Charlie’s on Broadway
217 Broadway Ave. E.
Dinner Tuesday, July 15, at 6:00 p.m. Robb’s 125th Street Grill
12255 Aurora Ave. N.
Lunch Wednesday,July 23, at 12:00 Noon Charlie’s on Broadway
217 Broadway Ave. E.

Dining out has been a regular activity of Mature Friends for a long time. If you have any suggestions, comments, or ideas about the monthly dining out experience, please bring them to the next monthly dinner at Robb’s 125th Street Grill. Hope to see you all there!

For questions about lunches and dinner out, contact Bob McQ. or Don S. Or e-mail questions to the Knife and Fork Club.

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Monthly Potluck

Please join us for our monthly potluck at the Ballard Odd Fellows Hall, the last Friday of every month at 6:30 p.m., except for June and August. Here’s your chance to bend elbows and rub elbows with friends and meet new ones during our social hour and to enjoy some of the great food we all contribute.

Ballard Odd Fellows Hall
1706 N.W. Market Street
Seattle, Washington 98107

Map it!

See It!

The monthly potluck begins promptly at 6:30 p.m. with appetizers and the social hour. The only penalty for arriving fashionably late is that you might miss some of the delicious hors d’oeuvres. Doors open to the main dinner at 7:15 p.m. After dinner at every other potluck, we often have a guest speaker.

Members who bring a dish pay $3.00 at the door. If for some reason you don’t feel like cooking, please be prepared to contribute $10.00 instead.

Note: A non-member attending a potluck for the first shall be admitted free as a guest. On subsequent attendance, the non-member is subject to a $10.00 door charge.

Potluck Sign In

When you give your money to Bruce and collect your raffle ticket from Rick, be sure to sign in on the sign in sheets at the desk and circle Y or N to indicate if you brought food to the 
potluck. The sign in provides us with useful information. The potluck host prepares or purchases an entrée, and it is important that the host have a good idea of the month to month attendance, so that sufficient food is provided. In addition checking if you brought food is also important, as this gives us information on how to apportion the potluck contribution list each month to insure an equable 
distribution of the types of dishes on the potluck table.

Potluck Contributions

Dish to Bring Initial of Last Name
G, I, K, M, R, V
Hot Dish
C, D, E, L, T
A, H, N, P, Z
B, J , Y
F, O, S, W

Please bring the type of dish assigned to your last-name initial below so that we will have enough food from each category.

Please indicate on a note with your dish if you have a vegetarian dish for our vegetarian members and friends.

In the interest of reducing garbage at the Odd Fellows Hall, members are requested to take home any leftovers of food they brought to the potluck including take-outs from delis, etc.

Thank you!

Door Monitor

For better security, the management of the Odd Fellow’s Hall has instituted a new door policy. Renters must monitor the Market Street door and admit only people who have legitimate concerns in the Hall.

Therefore, before food is served, someone from Mature Friends will be at the door to admit guests. When food is served, the door will be locked. Anyone arriving after 7:30 will have to ring for entry by pushing the “U” (upstairs hall) button at the main door. Members of the bridge and exercise groups should consult with your respective group leaders for entry arrangements.

Note: It has been brought to our attention that some members are having trouble getting to Potlucks because of the stairway. On the back stairway of the hall, there is an electric chair lift. It is available by entering the building at the alley entrance across from the parking lot in the rear. At present it would be necessary to let the person at the front door know of the need and they would call upstairs to the person with the key who would meet you at the back door to bring you up.

For any questions, please e-mail Monthly Potluck.

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A Better Club for Investing

Please contact me for details on July meeting.

For any questions, please e-mail Investment Club.

Ray B.

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Book Club

June Meeting

The Mature Friends Book club met on June 10 at the home of Jeff G. to discuss River Town, by Peter Hessler, an account of his two years in the Peace Corps in China, in a small city near the Three Gorges Dam. Two of those who recently returned from the China trip joined us for a lively discussion of impressions of China, and how those differed from Hessler's older and more down to earth experience in a city where he was one of only two Westerners.

July Meeting

On July 8 at 7 pm, we will meet again at Jeff's to discuss Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness in the light of an essay by Chinua Achebe on the novel. We read Achebe's Things Fall Apart recently. His position as the leader of contemporary Anglophone African literature gave his critique of Conrad's classic special weight.

Please see electronic or paper copy of newsletter for directions.

Board Meeting

The Mature Friends' Board will meet on Monday, July 14, at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Bruce T.

For any questions, please e-mail Board Meeting.

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Our July hikers along Elliot Creek to Goat Lake were treated to some spectacular mountain scenery. We were tired when we got back to the trail head but full of memories of whitewater rapids and waterfalls, and a blue-green lake below snow-covered mountains. To reward ourselves we stopped for ice cream at the Seven Gables store on the Mountain Loop Highway on the way back.


Hikers Dale, Jim, Brian, and Dale Pause for a Photo


More photos of the Elliot Creek to Goat Lake hike.


August Hike to Sunrise

Our August hike will be to Sunrise on the east flank of Mt. Rainier, a favorite of many Northwesterners. In August the snow has melted and the wildflowers put on a show. It’s a wonderful photo opportunity of flowers and The Mountain. And there is a variety of trails short and long to suit your appetite for a short or long hike with little or some elevation gain. We might even stop for huckleberry ice cream in the town of Greenwater on the way back

We will meet to carpool in front of the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, August 19. We will likely get back to town by around 5:00 p.m. — could be later depending on how long we tarry at Sunrise and how heavy traffic is. Bring water and a lunch. Car pool riders share the cost. A senior pass (also known as the Golden Age Pass) gets a carful into the park, or you can buy a day pass at the entrance.

Check Out the Pictures of Some Previous Hikes!

Garry, Ramon, Brian, Lee, and Dale on the Trail Near Hyak

Garry, Brian, Ramon, Keith, Tony, Scott, and Dale on the East Bank of Baker Lake

Ramon, Scott, Brian, and Dale at Wallace Falls


Dale J.

If you have any questions or suggestions, email Walk/Hike.

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Wine Tasting:

May Tasting:

On a beautiful, clear evening, seventeen members met at Dale J.'s home to taste Muscadet wine from the Loire Valley. This fresh, crisp and often minerally wine is France's most widely produced white though rarely featured in Seattle shops. Of the ten we sampled nearly all were pleasant and went well with the selection of cheeses. Generally, Muscadet is lower in alcohol than other whites and perfect with chicken, fish or seafood. The wine is designed to drink within a couple of years of bottling. Prices that evening ranged from $10-$20, most in the lower range. I think it would be difficult to find a particular label, safer to rely on the experience of your sales person.

July Tasting:

On Monday, July 21, at 7:00 p.m., we will get together at the home of Larry G. and Roger H. Generously, Larry and Rodger will be providing the wine and we will bring food to accompany their selections. Carpooling would be best since many are not familiar with the area (as well as providing a designated driver). I'll have more details in a follow up email for those who plan to attend. If you are joining us please let me know to facilitate arrangements.

For any questions, please e-mail Wine Tasting.

— Ed K.

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Garden Tour

Once a month between April and November inclusive, Dr. John Wott, our resident horticulturalist, leads a tour of one of the many beautiful gardens in and around Seattle. This section describes the previous month’s tour and wets your appetite for the next one.

Garden Group to Visit Hinkley/Jones Estate in Indianola

The Garden Group will be privileged to visit the private estate (Windcliff) of Daniel Hinkley (internationally known Plantsman) and his partner Robert Jones on Monday, July 21. This year, their five-acre estate is being opened for garden tours. Many of us were privileged to visit Heronswood, the world famous garden they created and then sold to Burpee Seed Companywide on our July 2013 garden tour.

This property was begun in 2005, on a high bluff overlooking Puget Sound on the Kitsap Peninsula, Indianola, Washington , looking across the water to Seattle. For those who visited the Pierce Garden in June 2014, we were looking directly across to Windcliff. It contains hundreds of unusual plants, many which Dan collected. The original home on the property was raised and Robert, an architect, designed the new home with windows facing the water, and the home becoming a central feature of the garden.

There is a series of small gardens, waterways, pathways, patios, steps, a greenhouse, a potenger and a sea bluff fire pit. Many of the plants have been selected for sustainability. Plants will also be offered for sale.
Dan is now a major collector for Monrovia Nursery Company in California. He spends several weeks a year trekking the hinterlands of countries around the world, looking for new plants. He travels and speaks internationally and is a consultant on many garden projects throughout the world. He has appeared on Martha Stewart shows and is a personal friend. My garden was originally designed by Dan and Robert in 1994. It has been my pleasure to watch the life adventures of my graduate student, Daniel Hinkley.

Again parking access to the garden is restricted. So, we will meet and carpool from the Indianola, Washington, Country Store parking lot, at 11:45 a.m. We will drive about half a mile up a narrow country road. Our tour of the garden begins at noon. I will leave it to your discretion as to how you get to Indianola.

Option I

  1. Take the Edmonds/Kingston Ferry.
  2. Take WA-104/NE State Highway 104 (2.6 miles).
  3. Turn left onto Miller Bay Road NE (2.7 miles).
  4. Turn left onto Indianola Road NE (2.6 miles).
    In the center of Indianola is the Country Store: 9175 N.E. Shore Drive.
  5. Park in the lot where I will meet you. I would suggest taking the 10:30 a.m. ferry.

Option II

  1. Take the Seattle, BI (Winslow Ferry).
  2. Stay on Highway 305, going across Agate Pass.
  3. The road will turn into Suquamish Way N.E., (you go through Suquamish).
  4. This turns into Augusta Avenue N.E., which then turns into Miller Bay Road.
  5. Then you will turn right onto Indianola Road N.E. and again stop at the Country Store, where we will meet.
    I would suggest taking either the 9:35 or 10:40 a.m. ferry.

I would also suggest that you register with me ahead of time, since once we leave the parking lot, you cannot make it alone.

Recap of June Garden Tour

Lawtonwood/Magnolia Garden was awe inspiring!

On Tuesday June 24, the sun shone, the breezes blew, and the plants were perfect when about thirty Mature Friends visited the high bluff garden of Kathleen Pierce, located sixty-two feet above sea level in Lawtonwood, tucked away between Discovery Park and Puget Sound. After carpooling from Discovery Park, the group snuggled into the cozy drive at the home of Kathleen Pierce. This garden (0.85 acres) began in 1998 by Kathleen and her late husband and has been and still is a work of love by Kathleen.

Garden Group Photo

We entered through a magical iron garden gate that promised peace and tranquility. The stage was set with a lively discussion between Dr. Wott and Kathleen on all the “gardening in this garden.” The pathways are bordered by hundreds of plants, and each week there has to be a new succession of color. Kathleen produces all her own vegetables in carefully designed raised beds, and has a new modern greenhouse that fits perfectly into the garden motif. The storage shed, with sliding doors for easy access, has a green roof.
She says she loves gold, purple and violet balanced with gray, but there are plenty of bright spots throughout. The fruit trees, raised veggie beds and other plants of many colors and textures, surround the tennis court, now basketball court for her grand children. There is babbling pond for audio effect.

The colorful (opium) poppies shone brightly and many took home ample seeds for their own gardens. There were decorative trellises along side, and above, in many of the small courtyards and sections of the garden. The south wall of the garage contained massive espaliers. The group was always full of questions. Kathleen produces all her own vegetables, and believes in succession planting. Many are heirloom types and she saves here own seed.

The fruit court had currants, blueberries, kiwis, apples, and more. There is fresh fruit most time of the year also.
The garden is dotted with pieces of artwork, carefully placed. As we moved to the Sound Side of the house, we were given a sight of the entire view into Puget Sound. The garden here also contains many unusual plants and a platform allows you to descend along the steep bluff for a look directly down and out to the water. It was difficult to get some members to move off those comfortable benches.

 After we had climbed back up passed a thick bamboo hedge and other shade plants, we then met Sparkle the pig on the patio where we all enjoyed ice water, crackers, and one last chance to enjoy an exquisite Seattle garden tucked away in a hidden corner of Magnolia.

John A. Wott

For any questions, please e-mail Garden Tours.

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Camera Club

The camera club has suspended until a new director can be found.

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Travel News

This section tells you all about recent or upcoming trips planned for Mature Friends. Everybody who has gone on one of these trips has had a great time and was well taken care of. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and join the fun!

We do not have much in the way of new information for our upcoming trips for 2015, but we are looking at the following:

Still to enjoy this year, and into early next year the following:

Road Trip to Southern Oregon: August 25 *#150; 28

There are a few places left. We will car pool to Ashland, Oregon, on Monday, August 25, arriving for a group dinner at a local Italian family–style restaurant. We will stay at the Ashland Hills resort for three nights, and see two plays at the internationally renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival: Shakespeare's last play, The Tempest, and Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods, a musical based on well-known fairytales as interpreted by psychologist Bruno Bettelheim. We will also have a back-stage tour of the three theaters of the OSF. Optional side trips include a day trip to Crater Lake National Park and a day exploring Jacksonville, the historic gold rush town, with a wine tasting. Other possibilities are more matinee performances of other plays, wine tastings, a trip to the Oregon Caves National Monument, and white water rafting on the Rogue or Klamath Rivers. We will also arrange, for those interested, a quick trip to Hilt, California, about 15 miles south on I-5, to shop for beverages at California prices. Cost for double occupancy will be $500 each [including $50 for your driver if you are car pooling]. Single supplement is $180. The fee includes housing with breakfast, access to the fitness room, wifi, tickets to two plays, the back-stage tour, the group dinner and the $50 for your driver. Bruce B. will help arrange car pools and logistics of the trip and the optional side trips. For information or to register, please contact Bruce B.

Northern Spain and France: October 11 – 26

Starting in Madrid our bus and gay guide lead us to Pamplona and Bilbao. From the Bay of Biscay, skirt the west end of the Pyrenees, edge along the mountains to Toulouse where we can see the main Airbus plant and on to the ancient walled city of Carcassonne with its lighted ramparts dominating the sky above our hotel's terrace. Settle into Mediterranean Barcelona for four full days as we learn our way around this most popular of Spanish cities. Stretch out in our own, roomy bus with our own driver and gay guide. Only one stop is an single overnighter. Others are two, three or four nights. This is a comfortable, relaxing tour as we develop good friendships over the 15 days. $2750 for land plus air.

If you want some additional information or to reserve a space, contact Jerry J. or Linda Lane or call her at 206-284-0500 for details. This adventure is out of the commonplace special tour.

Costa Rica, February 14 – 22, 2015

Departing Seattle Saturday, February 14, 2015. The tour cost is $2800 and includes air fare, hotel, all transfers, eight breakfasts, six dinners and a gay friendly guide. Would you believe our tour company will pick you up at your Seattle area home, take you to the airport and return you on Feb 22 back to your front door? This is a deal you truly cannot beat so long as we can guarantee 19 travelers. Sign up before August 15th and get a $100 dollar discount.

To get more details and sign up contact Linda Lane ( 206-284-0500 or 360-438-5338.

Past Trips

If you missed some of the trips organized by Mature Friends, you might be interested in reading about what you missed. Or if you went on any of these wonderful trips, you might be interested in reliving the fun and adventure. If so, this section is for you!

China Grand Tour April 20 to May 8

Nineteen Mature Friends departed Seattle April 20 for the China Grand Tour, traveling to Shanghai via Tokyo. We met our tour guide upon landing in Shanghai, and were transferred to our hotel. Having crossed the International Date Line, it was already late evening April 21. In the morning we would meet our two compatriots who had traveled to Shanghai two days earlier. Thus we began our Grand Tour.

It was a whirl-wind tour, visiting gardens (many formerly private gardens are now public gardens), Buddhist and Taoist Temples, well known historical and cultural sites as well as some popular shopping streets and centers.

Some highlights of the trip included: The river tour down the Li River, seeing the famous Karst topography, limestone hills eroded into fantastically steep conical shapes, a favorite subject of many Chinese paintings and drawings; a tour of the Reed Flute Cavern, a beautifully developed limestone cavern; the Yangtze River cruise through the Three Gorges; the giant pandas in the Chong Qing zoo; the terracotta army at Xi’an; a smog-free Bei-jing and tours to Tiananmen Square, the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall and the Forbidden City and much, much more.

An exciting experience was a ride on the Bullet Train from Shanghai to Suzhou, a distance of approximately 60 miles which took 30 minutes. We found ourselves wondering if there would ever be such rail transport in Washington. Imagine a 30 minute train ride from Seattle to Olympia. The return trip from Suzhou to Shanghai by bus, however, took 2 hours.

Throughout the trip we were accompanied by knowledgeable English speaking tour guides who provided us with much back-ground information about the places we visited. Food – break-fasts were buffet style at our hotels where we could choose from usual western fare, or partake of breakfast a la the natives. Lunches and dinners were arranged by the tour company. These were usually Chinese cuisine, perhaps with a western twist, at restaurants geared to large tour groups.

The tour was a good introduction to China and Chinese culture and history as well as to the commercial life of China. It was enjoyed by all on the trip. A PowerPoint presentation of the trip will be shown at the July potluck

Dan L.

For any questions about upcoming travel, please e-mail Travel News.

Bob McQ.

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Bridge Club

The bridge group is open to anyone who has a basic knowledge of rules and playing. We play every Wednesday night, beginning at 7:00 p.m. Many of the current members played years ago then dropped playing but now have found out that all those past bridge skills are still usable. Because the evenings are organized so there are an equal number of players and tables please call me or e-mail for details as to how we operate. If you have played in the past give it some thought and call. We can find a place for you.

You can find us at our usual location, the Odd Fellows Hall in Ballard, 1706 NW Market St.

Paul S. and Page B.

For any questions, please e-mail Bridge Club.

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Pinochle Club

We meet the first and third Wednesday of the month to hone our card-shark skills. This month, we’ll meet on Wednesday, July 2 and 16 beginning at 7:30 p.m.

We invite all club members with an interest in card playing to come join our fun-loving group. If you are new to Pinochle, we can help get you started. Please contact us, and we will discuss how to proceed.

For any questions, please e-mail Pinochle Club.

Bil B.

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Theater and Music

Did you all see that Gay Men’s Chorus performance at McCaw Hall? It was great, along with guest star Megan Hilty. What a voice she has! Their next performance takes place in June, before their overseas tour. Check out the "Men’s Chorus Web site for further information.

For any questions, please e-mail Theater and Music.

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Exercise Group

The exercise group, which meets every Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m., continues to grow. Come and join us and have a good time with our group. We meet at:

Ballard Odd Fellows Hall
1706 NW Market Street

After an hour of light aerobics and stretching, those who want more of a workout meet at the Green Lake Aqua Theater at 11:00 a.m. for a 2.8-mile walk around Green Lake and followed by a well-earned lunch just after noon at the Blue Star on Stone Way just a bit north of 45th Street.

To get an idea of what we do in the class, one of the group leaders has prepared a fine exercise video for your enlightenment.

For any questions, please e-mail Exercise Group.

... or call Len T., Don McK., or Don K.

Len T.

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Dinner for Six

The Dinner For Six group currently has 33 participants, which means we have six groups, but one group has only 5 and one group has just four. Hence unofficially, we are the 'Dinner for Four, Five or Six' group. This number is still lower than it has been in the past, and that is fine, but does not make our dinners any less enjoyable. However, there is plenty of room to grow, and the more we have in the group, the more variety everyone will have in meeting new folks and enjoying a quiet at-home meal.

Obviously, we are happy to welcome back folks who have been part of this group in the past, but this month I would like to suggest the group for newer members of Mature Friends, who may never have tried it yet. Our format is simple, we have three 'sessions' each year. Each session is three months, and during each session, each pair of the three pairs who are assigned together, hosts one meal. So that means if you join us, you will work with a co-host for just 3 meals a year, but will be hosted by others for an additional six meals, which I think is a pretty good trade.

Our current session is May, June, July, and the last for this year will be Aug, Sept, Oct. I will do my best to find an open spot for anyone who joins in June, to have at least one meal this session, but worst case will be that you are assigned to a group starting in August. Please do feel free to contact Myles McN. if you have any questions.

Myles McN.

For any questions, please e-mail Dinner for Six.

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Annual Picnic

Each August, in lieu of the Friday potluck, Mature Friends organizes a picnic. The 2014 picnic will take place on Saturday, August 23, in Woodland Park at the smaller site we had a couple years ago. Festivities begin at noon, but with Mature Friends, the hoards usually begin descending well before noon.

Picnic 2013

For Picnic 2012, we took over the assigned shelter area in Woodland Park, and by noonish a cloudy cool morning warmed up a bit, and although the clouds remained, the weather turned comfortable.

As usual we had a great time. But don’t take my word for it, read about it and check out the pictures for yourselves:

Picnic 2013

Note: The picnic is open only to members and their guests.

For any questions, please e-mail Annual Picnic.

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Annual Banquet

This year’s banquet was a smashing success. The dinner took place on Saturday, June 15, beginning at 5:30 p.m. Again, we enjoyed more fine cuisine at the Women’s University Club. The menu of entrees consisted of a choice between prime rib and salmon.

Flank Steak

Prime Rib


Encrusted Salmon

The banquet for 2014 will be held on Saturday, June 21, 2014, beginning again at 5:30 p.m. at the same place.

Banquet 2013

On Saturday, June 15, 2013, about 75 Mature Friends once again donned their finery for an adult's night out on the town for a special dinner. For the third year in a row, our annual banquet was held at the Women^#39;s University Club. And once again, we had a great time enjoying the food in an elegant ambiance. Our food choices consisted of salmon or flank steak. For dessert we could choose between chocolate decadence cake or lemon cheese cake. As before, the service was excellent and the food tasted great!

The festivities began with cocktails at 5:30 p.m. No doubt some members wanted to arrive early with tongues hanging out, ready for that first cocktail.

If you want to relive the experience of last year and check out some pictures, the following link will take you directly to an eye-witness report.

Annual Banquet

Curt Johnson

For any questions, please e-mail Annual Banquet.

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The dedicated writers of the following articles have tailored what they say to specific needs of our group. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy them. Who knows? Something in here may strike the right chord and improve your life!

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As reported in the July 2002 newsletter, Mature Friends now sports a new logo, thanks to the artistry of David B. The logo design was also adapted for a Mature Friends banner, which has been carried in Pride marches. See the logo at the banner head of this newsletter.

On August 8, 2002 a total of eleven Mature Friends and Prime Timers went to the abandoned town site of Wellington on the Iron Goat Trail near Stevens Pass. Most hiked down to the Windy Point tunnel. Others stayed in the upper area enjoying the sunshine and the company as well as the displays concerning the avalanche in 1910.

Dan L.

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Health and Wellness

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Things of Interest for Our Group

This section contains various articles to draw your attention to subjects that are important for members of our group. If you know of any subjects that would interest our members, please be sure and write an article and submit it.

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OUT for Sustainability

Fab Planet

OUT for Sustainability invites Mature Friends and our friends to the LGBTQ summit on the intersectionality of environment, society and LGBTQ identity. They'll have speakers, workshops and an awards party, all with tasty snacks and drinks, and a diverse range of voices.

September 13, 2014 (Saturday) from 1-6:30PM 220 & Change (220 2nd Ave S), in Seattle, WA

Fab Planet Summit Sessions Out for Sustainability is looking for fabulous, knowledge-able and dynamic speakers and facilitators for our first ever LGBTQ sustainability summit this September in Seattle! Our goal is to develop an enriching program to represent, inform and engage our community. Do you have an incredible person in mind" Great! Take a look at our session outline below and feel free to send nominations (you may also nominate yourself) to . We look forward to hearing from you!


Intersectionality Panel. What is LGBTQ sustainability and what does that mean for our community" We are interested in individuals exploring the subject to discuss the possibilities of this intersection, the role of LGBTQ individuals, community foundations and future directions.

Queer and Present Danger: Disaster, climate change and vulnerability. When action to prevent climate change slows, we are faced with an uncertain future. When these events happen, how do we create prepared communities" How are we resilient%#34; What challenges are unique to LGBTQ communities? Seeking disaster experts"

Coming Out Green: Sustainability pros discuss their work and experiences in the field with thoughts on becoming involved in an increasingly accessible world. Looking for professionals, activists and world-changers in all sectors"


Communicating Sustainability: Are LGBTQ folks more green" What sort of language and tactics mobilize people" How do humor and camp fit in" Discussion to be led by communications facilitators discussing differences and common ideas in messaging.

Community Building: How do we create a thriving, sustainable LGBTQ community" How do we reach broad and diverse audiences" Sustainable and LGBTQ communities share their experiences. Facilitators from all aspects of community encouraged!

Create a Green Team. How to get a diverse, sustainable team started at your organization. Ideally someone who has done this at several organizations.

More information and registration at

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